Visibility Lighting

Primarily used for live events, themed environments, theater, trade shows, and displays, Upstage Productions offers over 12 years of experience in special event lighting and production. We know exactly what it takes to satisfy our client’s needs with exceptional service, no matter what type or size event they host. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, gala, bar/bat mitzvah, or trade show, Upstage Productions will make your vision come to life!


Inflatable Lighting

Great for corporate parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah’s and other special occasions, Upstage Productions’ Inflatable LED lighting units are omnidirectional and give total surround, 360 degree illumination. Bright and aesthetically pleasing, these units require minimal power and allow for maximum possibilities. The units come in a variety of colors and have dimming capabilities, making it possible for you to change the ambiance as the night progresses.


Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting fixtures can be used to illuminate everything from rock concerts, to weddings, community events, theatrical performances, television productions, or even bar/bat mitzvahs. Be it PAR, LED stage, moving lights, or spotlights, Upstage Productions has the high performance equipment you are looking for! We consider lighting to be an art form and the one element that ties everything visually together.